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April 10th, 2015April 8th, 2016

Contributor Melissa Clark digs into the fragrant food of Lebanon with Maureen Abood, author of Rose Water & Orange Blossoms. Jeremy Nolen, author of New German Cooking, says German food is more than sauerkraut and schnitzel. Kimberly Jung co-founded Rumi Spice, a business that buys saffron directly from Afghan farmers. We meet up with a man with synesthesia -- he tastes what he hears -- and learn about his project to map out the tastes of the London Underground. Neil Kelley, a research fellow at the Smithsonian, explains what we can learn about animals' diets from studying their skull and teeth. The Sterns visit The Old Coffee Pot Restaurant in New Orleans.

Jane and Michael Stern's Roadfood

The signature dishes of New Orleans are widely known, and those of us who eat our way around the city face an incalculable array of po boys, gumbos, étouffés, and jambalayas. But the city specialty known as calas are something else. Few people know what they are, and not counting the handful of chefs who put them on the menu as a tribute to Creole tradition, just one place we know regularly serves them: The Old Coffee Pot in the French Quarter.