Thyme oil infuses the chops with an herb that I find particularly beautiful with pork.

This is one of the standards of the Yucatán, Maya comfort food.

Not basting it while it roasts over indirect heat results in an aromatic and tender bird draped in a burnished, crispy-thin skin that your guests will fight over.

When a reader named Quinn suggested a recipe that used both lentils and meat, I started thinking about how veggie burgers and beef burgers each have their own strengths. Why not combine the two ideas to create a burger with meaty flavor but the lean protein and low cost of lentils?

The flavor of fish on the grill is always good, but a buttery-rich tomato sauce adds a depth and richness that turns simple grilled fish into an elegant dish for entertaining.

Wood planks offer a simple and elegant way to grill fish without worrying about zones and direct and indirect heating techniques.


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