Sammy Hagar is best known for his work as a musician -- he has performed in the bands Montrose, Van Halen and Chickenfoot. But he also has a passion for food.
Violinist Joshua Bell learns how to make Tagliatelle with Caramelized Oranges and Almonds.
John Joseph, a punk rock singer most famous for his work with the Cro-Mags, is the author of Meat is for Pussies, which attacks the myth that men need meat to be fit and strong.
Some of the most noted jazz and blues artists performed on the chitlin' circuit, or at even smaller juke joints in the woods. Frederick Douglass Opie, professor of history and foodways at Babson College, explains the connection between Southern food and music on the chitlin' circuit.
Adrian Miller, author of Soul Food, says there's a lot of overlap between Southern food and soul food.
Musician-turned-entrepreneur Vic Firth applied his discovery about the drumstick to tools for serious cooks. He manufactures drumsticks, rolling pins and pepper mills.
Rohan Marley, son of the legendary Bob Marley, is adding something else to his family's legacy -- coffee. In 1999 Rohan Marley purchased a 52-acre coffee farm atop the Blue Mountains in Jamaica.
Dessa is a singer and songwriter, a rapper and a poet, who travels constantly with the rap collective Doomtree. The image of music stars on the road is pretty glamorous: star chef suppers, special treats. But in the real world, how does an indie rap queen eat on the road?
Markus Bachmann, a French horn player from Austria, has created a fermentation system that infuses the music of Bach, Haydn, Mozart, Vivaldi and rare orchestra and jazz recordings into wine.
So if a musician composes music for ice cream trucks, isn't it kind of logical that his next project would be to get together a bunch of famous chefs and put their recipes to music?